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Lille European Metropolis includes 90 towns and villages and 1.2 million people. It extends across the border with Belgium, constituting a “Eurometropolis” of 2.2 million people.

  • 1.2 million inhabitants (MEL)
  • 2.2 million including the Belgian area
  • 160,000 border crossings a day
  • Youngest population in France : 35% of the population is under 25.

MEL is a Public intermunicipal cooperation authority, established by the law of the December 31st of 1966. It gathers more than one million citizens on a territory which is both rural and urban, made by big towns and by villages. The MEL intervenes in essential domains: town and country planning, culture, household waste, sustainable development, water and purification, economy and employment, public space and public road network, Europe and international attractivity, housing environment and housing, urban affairs, nature and living environment, sport, tourism, transport and mobility, accessibility for disabled people, crematoriums.

Culture and entertainment
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    Développement durable
    Wednesday 19 June, 14:00
    Bois d'Infière
  • Event details
    Wednesday 19 June, 08:00
    Marché d'Annappes
  • Event details
    Wednesday 19 June, 14:15
    Gare Saint Sauveur - Lille
  • Event details
    Wednesday 19 June, 16:00
    6, avenue du Coquinage, 59910 Bondues
  • Event details
    Wednesday 19 June, 14:30
    Gare Saint Sauveur - Lille
  • Event details
    Thursday 20 June, 19:00
    maison Folie Wazemmes
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    Conférence - Rencontre
    Thursday 20 June, 08:30
    Le Stadium
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    Friday 21 June, 17:30
    rue roger salengro,rue Jacquard,rue chanzy

Permanent Delegation to the European Institutions

Lille Metropole stands at a prime spot in the heart of Europe, with undeniable assets that make it a leading player on the European stage. In 2017, Lille Metropole created the Permanent Delegation to the European Institutions to play its part in shaping thinking about the future of Europe beyond 2020.

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